• Any chatbot agency or technology can add their service or solution to ChatbotIndex. Once their profile is submitted, it is verified by the ChatbotIndex team.
  • Our website is co-managed by chatbot solution providers who wanted to make an index of all chatbot solutions available on the market. Any new chatbot solution provider or technology provider can add their solution for free on the site.
  • For the moment, our site is an index that the chatbot companies create themselves. Our goal is to categorize chatbot solutions and technologies according to their areas of expertise, ensuring you can find the right fit for your project.
  • One of the main categorizations of chatbots solutions is that by use. The aim of marketing chatbots is communication, the media. Their added value lies in the fact that they use a new channel: Messenger. There are, for example, chatbots representing characters from a film that will be released soon. The personal assistants chatbots are intended to assist you in your daily life. They allow to execute direct orders (search web, timer, weather etc ...). Generally, they are hosted on voicebot platforms (which use voice) like Google Home or Alexa. Automation chatbots perform tasks normally performed by employees of a company (human resources, customer service, IT support ...), in particular to free up time.
  • Our site includes three types of solutions: agencies, do it yourself, as well as tools for developers. Agency: With an agency, you will be offered a chatbot creation and management service. Instead of developing and creating a chatbot yourself, we can refer you to the most relevant solution provider. This solution is the most suitable for companies that do not have internal resources (developers) to create the perfect chatbot, but who still want to give their customers or team the best chatbot experience . Do it yourself: A do it yourself solution enables you to build a chatbot yourself. This solution is the most suitable for people with the necessary internal resources to create and train chatbots. Tools for developers: Find all the solutions made for and that require in-house developers. Developer tools allow businesses to have a more personalized and complex chatbot. This solution is most suitable for companies with a complex chatbot project, built and managed by one or more in-house developers.