What is a chatbot?

“Chatbot” is a portmanteau of chat and robot. Chat refers to text conversations like in instant messaging ; Bot is the computer program.

So, a chatbot is a text-based computer program accessible in a familiar instant messenger format. A chatbot answer pre-recorded questions and even generate an action for the user all while interacting with that human using the power of human conversation .

Use cases for chatbots are endless. They can be found helping you book train tickets to answering your customer service questions in an easy, conversational way..

What is Chatbotindex?

It’s not always easy to understand what a chatbot is. And even after figuring out  what chatbots can do, it’s still hard to find the multitude of companies that offer chatbot solutions and identify the right one to help with your project.

Our wish is to create an easy-to-use platform that allows you to discover, research, and learn about the different chatbots solutions.

Our chatbot solution categories: :

Marketing chatbots: For customer contact, media, sales, or lead generation. Marketing chatbots added value lies in their ability to capture and convert users via new or underutilized channels

Personal assistant chatbots: For helping you in daily life. Personal assistant chatbots execute direct orders like weather forecasts and simple web searches. They are mainly hosted on Voicebot platforms like Alexa or Google Home.

Automation chatbots: These handy chatbots perform tasks on behalf of employees of a company, so people can work smarter. They are found across customer service, legal, IT support, and HR functions.

Our purpose is not to promote specific chatbots solutions, but to help you research show you that each solution provider has a specific purpose. After that you will know which one is best for you.